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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Rabbit Update

So we have had bunnies since about April when Jess & Pearson decided to take them on as a new farm project.We have, however, been unable to breed them successfully to to this point. Flopsy has had litters that have all died.

Breeding attempt 1 Flopsy - The rabbits were born on the wire, fell through the wire (several times) and we put them  back in with the rabbit. We put Vicks on the Mama's nose but she never took any interest her kittens. So they all died in less then 8 hours.

Breeding attempt 1 Cottontail - Did not fertilize.

Breeding attempt 2 Flopsy - Flopsy had 1 baby on time and then she had about 6 more babies 2 days later. Rabbits have two uterus so we managed to get both uteri fertilized. This time Flopsy took care of the bunnies for a few days before she abandoned them. Thus, all of these bunnies died within a few days.

Breeding attempt 2 Cottontail - Did not fertilize.

Tonight was breeding attempt 3 Flopsy.

There will not be a 3rd breeding attempt with Cottontail as we sexed the bunnies and determined she was actually a he. So we have tried to breed two males together and we can now confirm this does not work! Oh and  by the way Cottontails new name is Bob. Additionally, Bob is for sale on Craigslist so if you need a male rabbit please give us a call!

1 comment:

Samira said...

Aww, Sorry about the babies. My female had babies, but 3 died because they got stuck outside the cage, and because momma did not have any milk for them.. she was an empty sack. So we tried to nurse one back with kitten milk, but it also passed away. :(

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