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General Price List

Please go to the specific page for each animal to check out the specific information on those animals.

These are brand new cartons that were misprints.
Chicken Products:

Free Range Eggs
2.25 dozen
3.50 for 1 1/2 dozen
add .35 if you need a carton.

Pullets (Buff Orpington or Rhode Island Reds)
6-8 weeks $7
9-12 weeks $8
13-19 weeks $10
20-26 weeks $13

Our old layers 18 months -3 years $10

Rabbit Products:
California Show & Meat Rabbits
$15 for live meat rabbits (ears clipped)
Rabbit meat per pound price for meat tbd (available in the fall)
Rabbit Manure Tea $4/gallon

Raw Honey:
Pre Sale $3.75 (ends June 19th)
After Delivery $4.50

Red Wiggler Composting Worms
***ON HOLD****
Organic Jam $6 per pint
  • Grape 
  • Red Candy Jam
  • Candy Jam $4.50 (combine with cream cheese for a wonderful dip or eat it straight off the cracker you will become an addict!)
Canna Lillies
$5 for a 1 gallon plant
Contact us: 936-873-2685 or e-mail texasmcvays@gmail.com put "farm order" in the subject!

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