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Buy RH Laying Hens

 Started pullets for sale
We are currently SOLD OUT!

We carry Rhode Island Red,  Buff Orpingtons & Americanas. If you don't see the kind of chicken you want contact us regarding our special orders.
You can be sure your chickens are not spent, save the time and hassle of raising chicks and you can save money by buying young!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What should I  bring when I pick up my chickens:Most folks bring a small dog crate but any small cage that you have will do. Boxes also work. I would advise against using a bag as I think it causes the chickens undue trauma. Additionally, it is very difficult to get the chicken into the bag.

  2. Who will catch the chickens? My daughter is happy to catch the chickens for you and place them into your carrier. If you call us ahead of time we'll round them up before you arrive.

  3. Should I have food & water? You do not need to have food and water in your cage unless you are driving a very long distance or if you plan to leave them in hot weather conditions for a prolonged period of time. Chickens are messy and Murphy's law says they will spill water on your car interior.

  4. Will you hold chickens for me? Yes, with a 50% non-refundable deposit. You can make your deposit over paypal  plus a $5 handling fee to cover my paypal charges. So you can reserve your bird from the comfort of your own home. We however are not responsible for dogs, raccoon and other varmints eating your chickens and we will only hold a bird for 48 hours.

  5. Do you accept checks or credit cards? We do not accept checks! However, you can pay with a credit card for orders totalling over $200. However,you will be charged a $8 credit card processing fee. You must pay our paypal account ahead of time.

  6. Do you ship or deliver chickens? No, sorry you must come to us. We are unable to run around town with a van full of  kids and chickens.

  7. Finally, how much do your wonderful chickens cost?

Rhode Island Reds & Buff Orpington
6-8weeks $8
9-12 weeks $9
13-19 weeks $11
21-26weeks $14

Americanas/Exotics/Special Orders
6-8weeks $9
9-12 weeks $12
13-19 weeks $15
21-26weeks $20

Last Update (as of 3/13) -SOLD OUT

Laying Hens (over 2 years) $10 - Available on or about May 20th we will have 15 laying 2 year old hens!  

Don't Miss out put a 50 % deposit down now! Take your birds when they are 8 weeks old!
Our chickens usually sell out by 12-16 weeks!
Americanas are selling out around 2 weks old when we are advertising!

Scheduled Arrivals
2/16/11 (8 weeks 4/16)
25 Rhode Island Red
10 Buff Orpington
20 Americana (8 of these are sold)- 12 left

Waiting list....

Cuckoo Maran
We are on a wait list and we will accept as many of the birds for which we have received deposits. Send or paypal your deposits now! A 3% fee is charged by Roosterhill for paypal payments. Thanks!

2011 Current In Stock
25 Rhode Island Red
10 Buff Orpington
10 Americana SOLD OUT

25 Rhode Island Red - 12 left
15 Buff Orpington - 5 left
5 Americana SOLD OUT

25 Rhode Island Red - 4 left
15 Buff Orpington  (5 of these are already sold pre-paid) SOLD OUT
5 Americana - Prepaid Sold out!

2010 Historical Records...we sell out!
arrival of twins 2 month old infants chicken production haults!
DOB 6/29
Buff Orpington -2 SOLD OUT
Rhode Island Red - 10 SOLD OUT

DOB 5/24/10
Buff Orpington -10
Rhode Island Red -1
DOB 4/19 -
Rhode Island Red -10
Buff Orpington - 15SOLD OUT

DOB 1/27/10
 Buff Orpingtons- SOLD OUT
Black Austrolorps- SOLD OUT
DOB 11/23/09
Black Austrolorp - SOLD OUT
Buff Orpingtons - SOLD OUT
Rhode Island Red - SOLD OUT

Laying Hens over 24 weeks!
Black Austrolorps  - SOLD OUT

Started pullets are hard to find! Compare our prices to McMurray's their started Pullets are $12.95 plus $49.95 shipping! I think we're a bargain!

By the way we do not ship or deliver you must come to us for these wonderful chickens.

Contact us

*979-422-2066 call or text (please identify yourself in texts)

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