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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Our First Farmer's Market

We had our debut at the Navasota Farmer's Market this week. Boy howdy did we really learn a lot. Since we had to get up really early in the morning and I had not planned well I did not have my trademark list. That was a mistake so I now have list to remember the little things like Chairs!!!! Because, if you plan on being somewhere from 8-1pm you may want to sit down occasionally! I also wrote a very long list of things to do for our table itself to improve the presentation. Another issues is we were late because all of our things were not well organized the night before. Our location on the strip as a result was not very good  because many folks did not even make it down to us! I also noted that I lingered at tables that were cute so the 'cutisfication' of the Roosterhill table is also going to be under way. Finally we need to have everything well and cutely labeled for our customers.

 We have some plain jams that need to catch folks eyes and we need to highlight our special Candy Jam. So in the next few weeks I will reveal my Farmer's Market lists, new labels and our new look. We are blessed that Charlie Apel created a really cool logo for us and now I just have to use it.  Right now we are planning on going bi-weekly to the market, however, we are going two weeks in a row so we can be at market at the same time as our dear Stephanie. 
This week we should also have habanero jam as well as habanero hot sauce! But remember you do not have to go all the way to Navasota to enjoy our products we do have in town delivery to BCS available on Tuesdays.


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