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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Building the Chicken Nursery/Rabbitry

Though I've not been good at posting we have been busy around here. One of our recent additions is a chicken nursery/Rabbitry which is attached to the shed. This project was built completely with farm funds. We decided that we wanted to add rabbit meat when we seriously slowed our consumption of pork. (Not for religious reasons but because I read a little too much about commercial pig processing and got grossed out by how they are grown. We cannot afford grass fed pork so less pork it was!) We needed a chick house so we could have a system of 3 houses to hold our chickens at different ages and stages because these birds do not get along well together.

 Even though Wayne kept saying things like stuff about things need to be level and square I eventually got it built. So over the next few weeks will show you the nursery construction & update you on what's been happening around here. So here is what our shed used to look like before it became a multipurpose building. This was an interesting project like all projects we had a few snags but overall I would say it was a success. We have had about 3 rounds of chicks move through the nursery successfully.

Thanks for coming along on the adventure.


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